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Cansat Competition Korea 2017
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Classification Wisdom Dept. Creativity Dept.
Grand Prize
(Minister of Science, ICT and Future Planning Award)
(Daegu Il Science High School)
(Chosun University)
Excellence Prize
(KAIST President Award)
MACE-Cansat (Changwon Science High School)
캔사드 (Sejong Arts and Gifted School)
UniSat (Baekseok University, Sejong University, Seoul National University of Education)
Resat (Korea Aerospace University)
Participation Prize
(KARI President Award)
CSHCS (Changwon Science High School)
Manmandi (Daejeon Dongshin Science High School)
ICAN (Inha University)
RAD (Korea Aerospace University)
대회소개 경연대회 체험캠프 자료실 커뮤니티 지난대회소개