Welcome to Cansat Competition Korea

Overview of Cansat Competition Korea
Organizer Ministry of Science and ICT
Supervisor KAIST Satellite Technology Research Center
Sponsor Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)
Supporter Goheung County of South Jeolla Province
  • To raise students’ understanding of satellite systems and popularize satellite education and technology through the CanSat Competition, where participants copy satellite missions
  • To spread creative science culture and encourage participants to develop abilities to solve scientific issues by carrying out the payload tasks they assign to themselves, using creative science activities to design, produce, and test CanSats
  • To publicize space technological experience, nurture young talents, and expand the foundation for space technology through the competition for ultra-small CanSats
  • To raise interest in international CanSat competitions held in Europe, the United States, or Japan, encourage students to participate in international competitions, and expand international exchanges for space technology in private sectors
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